Aerial Filming & Photography

Our state of the art drones are equipped with high resolution full 4k cameras which provide a perspective traditionally limited to big budget movies via the use of helicopters.

Longstaff Media 

Experts in broadcast filming, Longstaff Media have worked with the likes of BBC, Sony, Sky, S4C & Channel 4.

Aerial Imagery

We are able to provide a range of aerial imagery services including both aerial filming and photography. Based on years of broadcasting experience our team of expert film makers are on hand to provide you with stunning images only available through the use of advanced drone technologies.

Aerial Filming

UAV technology has developed massively over the last decade.  Today we are capable of using a drone fitted with image stabilisation equipment to capture broadcast quality images at the touch of a button.

Aerial Photography

Gain an entirely new perspective with our aerial photography services.  Using the latest in camera and drone technology, our drone operators are able to provide you with breathtaking images each and every time.

Property Photography

Separate yourself from the pack by capturing your home or building with our high resolution aerial images - perfect for showcasing your property.  Aerial property photography is shown to dramatically increase interest. 

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Longstaff Media Filming At Ty-Coch In North Wales For S4C

We use the latest in multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and filming technologies to ensure clients receive services that boast ultra-smooth tracking and unmatched high-definition quality. 

Once only possible by intrusive camera jib or helicopters, our UAV camera is gyro-stabilised and can be airborne in minutes.  

Drone operators can then capture stunning aerial film and photography from low or high altitudes - complete with elevated filming angles - to provide viewers with a truly engaging viewing experience. 

Thanks to video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the pilot, cameraman, client or director full control over filming angles and framing.

Recent TV Work

LLanbedrog Garden Filmed for a S4C Garden Series

Menai Bridge Filmed for S4C Tudor Owen series

BBC Landscape Documentary Anglesey Life

Trams - Manchester Metro Link Project

Sky & Sony Production Filmed In North Wales

Sailing Boat Filming For Corporate Advert

Features of Aerial Filming & Photography

What separates us from other drone operators

Fully Qualified Pilots

Longstaff Media UAV Drone pilots / operators are all CAA qualified to pilot UAV drones across the nation, and have a background in TV and Film. All our drone pilots are yearly assessed and collectively hold thousands of hours of flight experience.

Licensed & Insured

Longstaff Media are fully licensed to carry out commercial activities nationwide and have liability insurance in excess of £5 million. We have strict safety guidelines and are proud of our safety record.

Professional Grade Equipment

All of our drones are of the highest quality, fitted with a range of professional cameras which provide full 4k resolution, this ensures the image quality is the best it can be.

Broadcasting Experience

Richard Longstaff - lighting cameraman / DOP and drone operator specialising in video and photography based in North Wales with 20 years of broadcast filming experience working on current affairs, documentaries, and entertainment programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, S4C, Channel 5 and SKY.

Special Skills & Experience

We feel the experience Longstaff Media has gained from working in so many different environments and countries has given us a good understanding of working as part of a team and dealing with all kinds of contributors, no matter what the language or culture.

World Travelling

European approved UAV pilot, inoculated for working in most countries and hold a 5 year American work visa. Other visas include Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Mozambique - full UK driving and motorbike licence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

1. How high can you fly?

Flying under a standard CAA permission for aerial work means we can fly up to 500metres from the pilot horizontally and 400 feet (120m) vertically. It is possible to get exemptions to fly further and higher but it may incur extra cost and can take up to 4 weeks to obtain. Generally the limits are more than sufficient for the majority of projects.

2. Can you fly in the rain?

Although our drones are capable of flight during light rain visibility is often very poor, this in turn affects the quality of the imagery. In the event of prolonged rain flights are to be delayed to ensure safety and quality of work.We carry out pre-flight planning before each of our drones fly, during this phase we ensure the weather is suitable and arrange our flight times accordingly.

3. What are your flight times?

The average flight time of our drones last between 12 and 30 minutes on a single charge. However, flight times can vary depending on weather, flight activities and the total weight of the drone depending on the equipment it is carrying. We also carry additional batteries and have portable charging capabilities to allow the continuous use of our drones.

4. Can your drones operate in cities?

We have had a lot of experience piloting our drones in cities across the UK. It is important to note that many major cities have restrict flight zones in place, this means permission must be granted for our drones to fly in these area, this can take up to 28 days to receive. In the event you require footage of a city in a shorter time frame we have a selection of achieve material available featuring most major cities in the UK.