Aerial Filming & Photography

Security & Surveillance

Commercial drones have become a modern fast growing industry and with the correct training and support they are now a serious tool in security and surveillance. All our operators & Instructors are experienced ex-military professionals, carefully chosen to provide the best support / training possible.

Commercial Drone Usage

Commercial Drone Usage

Longstaff Media's BBC trained broadcast professionals, specialise in aerial filming and photography, making use of state of the art UAV drones to provide an alternative perspective for TV, Film & Corporate Productions which traditionally was only possible through the use of helicopters.

Aerial Industrial Inspections
Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Aerial Filming & Photography

Our UAV multi-rotor drones are able to fly and inspect most structures whether its a flare stack, wind farm or Church steeple - all these can be inspected without the need to set foot on a ladder or scaffold - drastically reducing cost and time when compared against traditional methods.

Aerial Filming & Photography

What we do

Tasks our UAV drones perform

Security Surveillance.

We provide the oil and gas companies/police and security forces worldwide the freedom to manage their assets and to work unhindered without any interference from prospective threats, all without breaking the budget.

Structure & Building Inspections

Remove the hassle of accessing hard to reach places by using our UAV drones to provide a live feed to aid the inspection of structures and buildings, such as offshore wind turbines, bridges, pylons, roofs and confined spaces.

Mapping Surveys

Quickly map large areas with the use of our high end UAV drones. Using state of the art software, we are able to map large areas in both 2D and 3D.

Industrial Inspections

Our drones are perfect for providing aerial inspections of industrial sites, providing access to areas that are deemed too difficult or dangerous to access traditionally. Equipped with thermal imaging and high resolution cameras, we can dramatically reduce the risk exposure of "working at height" and reduce shut-down time leading to a reduction in costs.

Drone Pilot Training

Longstaff Media offer practical drone flight training and pre exam flight test training at our purpose built training ground designed to teach pilots in multiple scenarios.

Aerial Filming

Longstaff Media's BBC trained cameramen along with UAV drones fitted with 4k cameras and advanced imaging stabling equipment are able to capture broadcast quality video, perfect for TV, Film & Commercial productions, giving that Hollywood look for fraction of the cost.

Longstaff Media UAV Drone Specialists

Longstaff Media is based in North Wales and provides UAV drone pilot training, CAA approved pilots, survey / inspections, security / surveillance, and media services. Our background experience in military - security operations, broadcast media, industrial rope access and offshore operations make us unique in this market.

Reasons To Fly With Longstaff Media

What Separates Us From Other UAV Drone Operators

Fully Qualified Pilots

Longstaff Media are a CAA-approved company, with special permission to fly within built-up areas. Our pilots are all BNUC-S qualified, subject to yearly assessment, and collectively hold thousands of hours of flight experience surveying hundreds of buildings and structures throughout the UK.

Professional Experience

As a BBC trained cameraman and film professional Richard Longstaff has obtained a unique skill-set over his 25 years of filming. Along with his aptitude for patient and thoughtful teamwork, he's a world traveller well versed in working within different cultures and overcoming language barriers, filming in a wide range of climates, and staying calm in stressful situations.

Latest UAV Drone Technology

UAV's are ideal for carrying out inspections where access is difficult or dangerous such as roofs or solar panel inspection. The imagery provided from our range of sensors goes beyond that which can be captured by other means such as aircraft or even manual inspections. Our highly skilled pilots know how to reach the areas of critical importance to your business.

Cost & Time Saving

Set-up on site is simple, needing only our 2-man team and our UAV, and completely eliminating the costs associated with alternative access. UAV's dramatically reduce the time required to complete the survey – an experienced, qualified pilot can capture thousands of images in just a few hours.

High Quality Equipment

Our UAV drones carry top-of-the-range DSLR cameras, which capture every building element and defect in 24Megapixels, which enables loss-less magnification. All the raw data collected on-site is then processed to embed GPS location data for accurate defect mapping.

Detailed Preflight Checks

Safety is a primary concern at Longstaff Media. Risk assessments and pre-flight drone checks are carried out before each and every flight to conform to Longstaff Media's strict safety guidelines.

Flying Hours

Longstaff Media have been flying UAV Drones for four years now and have built up a very safe and trusted business inspecting, surveying and photographing sites that would once have been very costly and unsafe for ground teams to investigate.

Attention To Detail

Longstaff Media has a proven track record, attention to detail and high standards of safety. Our drone surveys and inspections have become a regular service for many industries.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed to carry out commercial actives and have liability insurance in excess of £5 Million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

1. Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed for commercial operations by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means all of our pilots have completed detailed drone specific training and testing. We have insurance for our machines and cameras along with £5 million public liability insurance for flight operations in the UK.

2. How long does it take?

During flight our drones are capable of providing a live stream of footage so results can be seen almost instantly. This is perfect during building inspections as inspectors can see exactly what the drone is capturing while on-site. We are also capable of transferring RAW image files on-site - however packages requiring post production usually take longer, this varies depending on the specific job. For more information please contact us directly.

3. Can you fly in the rain?

Although our drones are capable of flying in rain, visibility is often very poor, this in turn effects the quality of the imagery. In the event of prolonged rain, flights are to be delayed to ensure safety and quality of work. We carry out pre-flight planning before each of our drones fly, during this phase we ensure the weather is suitable and arrange our flight times accordingly.

4. What are your flight times?

The average flight time of our drones last between 12 and 30 minutes on a single charge. However, flight times can vary depending on weather, flight activities and the total weight of the drone depending on the equipment it is carrying. We also carry additional batteries and have portable charging capabilities to allow the continuous use of our drones.

5. Can your drones operate in cities?

We have had a lot of experience piloting our drones in cities across the UK. It is important to note that many major cities have restricted flight zones in place, this means permission must be granted for our drones to fly in these areas, this can take up to 28 days to obtain. In the event you require footage of a city in a shorter time frame, we have a selection of archive material available featuring most major cities in the UK.

6. Can I have a demonstration?

Absolutely, we are capable of providing demonstrations of our drones and pilots to potential clients within the proximity of North Wales. For clients further afield we recommend viewing one of our many showreels to experience exactly what our drones are capable of.